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Jul. 8th, 2011

Casha Fire



Do you miss it?  I know I do.  In a bid to try and get the comm more active, we've been trying to think what we should do.  Now, obviously we don't want to do a complete reboot and lose all the character development and history we've got.  So we're looking for feedback

We're thinking of trimming back the character claims to two mechs (regardless of faction), and advertising for more players to help inject more life into this fun comm.  Because it was fun.  I mean, where else can you get Ratchet duct-tapped to Bluestreak or incase Megatron in solid foam?  Not to mention getting the 'Cons drunk on tainted energon and having Ravage hump Megatron's leg.

Well... aside from potentially in the G1 cartoon, but that's not being made anymore.

Obviously, we're not going to be doing anything with the sayso of the comm members... but we want to know a few things, to make any future decisions regarding this rp easier...  In trying to think about how to bring new life in, we realise that potentially the history of the comm might make things difficult.  But at the same time, we're not willing to lose what we've done so far.  So we're at a bit of an impasse.

So, questions for you all

Are you still willing to play?

Do you want to start afresh or keep the previous character histories?

Will you be able to play fairly regularly (as in at least once a week, not post once and drop off the face of the earth)?

Do you want to keep the same characters? - if characters are dropped, we can explain this away with a bit of hand-waving (ie. if one of the Ratchet/Wheeljack players drops out, then we can have their character shipped back to Cybertron, and then do a whole 'absence makes the spark grow colder' thing if a new player doesn't want to continue in the relationship.  Of course, it would be up to the remaining player to try and bring the new potential player up to speed.  It can be a bit daunting trying to read through 4 years worth of logs.)

Have you got any suggestions/people you want to drag in?

Anything, really... we want to keep this comm going because it's such a fun friendly place to be!

And in about a week, I'll probably harass you all via pm *evil cackle* to make sure we haven't missed anyone.

So, whaddya think guys, let us know!

Jul. 7th, 2011

Casha Fire



Don't mind me....

Poll #1759800 Can I post a poll in this comm?

Can I post a poll in this comm?

Don't look at me
Why the poll testing?

Jul. 2nd, 2011



Mod recruiting!

Community ownership has finally come through on at least two of the communities. Yay! This means that I can finally add new moderators - and I need one. Life and burnout have caught up to me. :( Is there anyone who wants to take a stab at running this place? I'd say 'help me run it,' but being honest, I'm going to be pulling a hiatus until I can get some inspiration back.

Jun. 28th, 2011




Life ate me without warning. So sorry!

I would have announced it if I had the chance but.... a lot of bad stuff went down all at once and before I knew it I was like.. sucked away from everything except bs-irl stuff and work.

I understand if you want to throw rocks.

May. 12th, 2011

Blast Off (MTMTE Profile)


(no subject)


I’m sorry for the absence. RL was rather busy the last two month, so I have to catch up with lots posts etc.
Can anyone maybe tell me if, and if where, Blast Off has to be, so that you don’t have to wait even longer for my replies?

Again, my apologies for the inconvenience. v.v


May. 5th, 2011

Mirage: Upset


Prolly saw this coming a mile out. >.>

I've completely lost my inspiration to play Mirage lately so I'm gonna have to drop him. Maybe the urge will come back later but as of right now, it's not fair to squat on a chara.

I'll still be around with my other charas though and who knows, maybe I'll find the inspiration to play him next week and come clamoring back to play him. *snerk*



Mar. 20th, 2011



(no subject)

 Hey people

Just wanted to inform you, I joined another RP with the same journal, so if you see an entry labeled Route 29, feel free to ignore it! 

I'll label all of my entries for this comm with TFdress, (Or DecepticonDress, if I forget it's both factions. XD)

Mar. 15th, 2011



Plotting post!

I keep swearing that I'll do this monthly and it never works like that. Oh well. Plot!

Current active plotlinesCollapse )

Any ideas on more plots? Where to go with these? Ready, set, discuss!

Feb. 18th, 2011



Modliness Modly Post

First up! After the discussion post, I have a unilateral mod decree! Okay, so it's not unilateral and it's still up for discussion, but hey. I always wanted to say that.

Please keep all in-character posting to the two main communities. The exception to this is anything the participants in the post feel uncomfortable about it being on the main community - smutbots, I'm looking at you.

As a reminder, any content over PG-13 is to be behind a cut with a warning. Adult content in the comments should also have a warning in the main post. Anything above an R rating should be memberslocked or taken to a private journal.

While I'm doing reminders: Timestamp! I need what little sanity I have!

Asking for ideas and discussion: Advertising/Recruiting. Casha suggests a "want list" of characters you'd like to see in the RP. :3 This sounds good to me, so do please comment with which characters you'd really like to see picked up. If anyone has more ideas on things/places/whatever for recruiting, please say so.

And lastly, ACTIVITY CHECK! Comment here with which characters you'd like to keep - if you'd like to drop one or switch, now is the time to speak up. (or, y'know, tell me anytime. :P) Y'all have till the end of the month to do so, or be dropped... okay, fine, so I'll just poke you with PMs to check. Steal my thunder, whydontcha. :D

Whee! Three modpost tags on one post!

Feb. 12th, 2011

Shuttle in Space


And another shuttle arrives...

Hi there :)

I’m naboru_narluin and joined this RP with Blast Off (readyforliftoff). I guess that makes the Combaticons a whole gestalt then. Yay, what joy, the grumpy shuttle will do a happy dance. *sarcasm* ;p

Looking forward to play with you. :D *gives cookies*

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